Along with staying ahead of the cyber security world, we’re making some small visual changes to our website reflecting changes in our ever dynamic overall product and brand Watch this space for a new look BitRater website!

Most importantly, we have launched our latest product update – version 17.2

Summary of main updates:

  • Whitelisting policies can now be controlled individually
  • A ”Default” button resets all settings to BitRater standard
  • ”Use Certificate Whitelisting” is a new feature, where you can use Certificates to determine if an unknown file should be able to execute. The Certificate Whitelist is maintained in the BitRater Cloud
  • New features: ”Block Powershell” and ”Block Windows Script Host”Whitelist can be managed both on the Server and the Client
  • File synchronising history is a new feature you have ability to see the last 10 computers that have synchronized a certain file
  • Updating of communication servers is now threaded. Meaning, multiple communication servers are being updated simultaneously instead of sequentially. Resulting in much faster synchronisation.
  • Communications Servers: No longer stopping client synchronisation while updating.
  • A complete overview of all clients that have logged on to the server. If this was a while ago, it will show with a red cross.


Most importantly, we have updated the GUI design on both the Client and Management Server.

Summary of main updates in the new 2018 version:

  • Easy and quick overview of notifications.
  • New Management Server policy view.
  • New Management Server dashboard.
  • New and simple deployment tool.
  • Quick overview of the security status such as known malware stopped, unknown process stopped, connected endpoints, expected endpoints and anomaly warnings and more.

Below you can see a sneak peak of the new dashboard:


BitRater X-Ray is a new and innovative technology that protects against malware, viruses, spyware, hacking and more.



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